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Here’s just about the only crappy thing going on in my life right now: my memory card reader won’t read the fancy new SDHC card I bought for my camera. Granted, the memory card reader is probably from my Employed at Best Buy Days, but still — how the hell’s a girl supposed to get the pictures off her camera? I have things I need to share, dammit! (I realize the option is buy a new one, but it doesn’t seem as enjoyable when I have to pay full price and not the employee discounted cost + 5%.)

Right now, you’re missing out on pictures from the following:

  • our 4th of July trip to Milwuakee
  • the camping trip (that almost didn’t happen) I went on a couple of weeks ago
  • a buttload (the official measurement, by the way) of pictures of Ruby the Foster Dog
  • the Twins game where I was using tickets I’d won from work
  • probably about 60 pictures of downtown Minneapolis I always take while I’m waiting for the bus
  • and, of course, pictures of Riley sleepign on the couch, because who could possibly get tired of those kinds of pictures?

I feel like I should do a whole recap of everyone/everything… mainly because I forgot sometimes.

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