packing lightly

I’m in the midst of trying to pack enough clothes to last me the weekend on a campsite next to a river, where it’s supposed to rain Friday night and get down in the 50s Saturday night. But on the other hand, I’m keeping in mind that we’re staying in a walk-in site this year, which means our car isn’t parked two feet from our picnic tables. So, OMG, the drama this is causing when trying to decide how much liquor to bring (to a campsite that doesn’t allow any mind you) is throwing me way off. I already have a nalgene bottle of vodka. Unless you’re from the Minnesota Park Rangers Association, in which case it is JUST WATER.

I hope they don’t actually search my car when I go rolling through the gates tomorrow evening… I’m not sure how I’ll explain the bottle of Mad Dog or the bottles of Boone’s Farm I plan on taking.

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