we’re in milwaukee

Or Wauwatosa. But it’s close. We got here around 8pm last night, arriving in our fashionable Kia Rio. Sub-compact is how we roll when our normal mode of transportation (my 2001 Ford Escape) isn’t really up to road trip par right now.

We drove around the area last night for a while looking for a place to have dinner. Our original plan was Mo’s Irish Pub, which is super close to our hotel. We pulled up and noticed they were busy, which was a good sign. We drove around in search of a parking spot and decided to look for a different place to eat when we realized the place was blasting Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” over the patio sound system. Beyonce isn’t Irish, fools. C’mon!

Today, we’re off to the Milwaukee Public Market, a tour of the Miller Brewery, and then we’re heading out to Lake Michigan to hang out with Rick, Brooke, and the fam to watch the fireworks tonight.

Right this very second,  we’re watching 15 Most Notorious Women on the E! channel.

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