bullets are cool

  • Funny thing? I’ve lost 15 pounds over the past three months without really trying all that hard. It doesn’t sound like all that much, but here’s the funny thing — it makes me no longer morbidly obese and I’m no longer eligible for weight loss surgery. The latter wasn’t at all something I was considering (too scary, plus I like cheeseburgers, pizza, and soda pop too much), but it’s kind of a monumental number when you’re trying to knock some of those rolls off your body.
  • All of our dogs and The Boy are at The Boy’s Dad’s house right now. He’s watching them all while The General and I go to Milwaukee tomorrow (and for the weekend). It’s way too quiet in here. Like creepy quiet. Our fish aren’t nearly as needy as those damn dogs.
  • Between The General and I, we’ve managed to take on enough freelance work the past two weeks to pay for our hotel room, a rental car (the Dead Hooker/Lucky Number Seven is getting old and wobbly), and all the gas we’ll need. I’ve been tired as hell and way behind on Intervention reruns, but it’s kinda cool to not have to worry about all that.
  • I’m very excited to spend the weekend in Milwaukee, both to show The General around the city and hang out with Rick, Brooke, and the mafia again.
  • I’m working a half day tomorrow. It was originally supposed to be 8-12, but then I mentioned that I was probably going to work 7-11 instead. My co-workers do not believe I’ll make it there by 7, so I’m going to try to get there at 6:30 JUST TO PROVE A POINT. And then you can be damn sure that I’m leaving at 10:30!

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