a few things

  1. Yesterday, I woke up and went to the store to get some donuts and coffee before The General woke up. While I was determining which delicious pastry from Super America I wanted, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. It was a very scantily clad lady, standing about 6 feet tall. She had on gold strappy high heels and a purple jumper/dress that possibly exposed her uterus. And lots of gold chains. I’m thinking hooker, but I try not to judge. She apparently needed a morning refreshment of a slushy – a 1/3 cherry and 2/3 grape slushy as a matter of fact. I love the things that I can see in our gas station that early in the morning without feeling at all threatened. Things like that really make me love this neighborhood.
  2. We went to Jenni’s birthday party last night. Not more than two hours after I got there, I walked downstairs to find Pete laying on the basement floor with his shorts pulled down enough to expose his entire ass and Klein standing directly above him dripping candle wax from a tealight candle onto a patch of hair that was on his back. The wax that had already been dripped onto him was covered with note paper that they give away at Holiday Inn promos. I have pictures and video, but then again, they do show a grown man’s bare ass and the grown man’s best friend attempting to wax his back hair.
  3. I finally got a new cable to re-attach my CD Rom drive yesterday. I haven’t been able to use it for months. I’m not going to lie — the only reason I got it is so I could buy Sims 3, which means if you think my posting is slim-to-none now, just you wait. I love me some Sims.

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