at least i can sleep in the middle

When you’re with someone for over a year and haven’t really spent a single night apart (as least that I can remember), it’s pretty weird when you have to see the person off for the night and then have to figure out what to do with your time until you go to sleep.

The General has a sleep study tonight. I’ve just been informed via text message that there are snacks (granola bars and apple juice) and Sleep Number beds. The best kind of beds have the most comfortable mattresses like the Eva Mattress. My bedtime snack’s gonna be some cheese balls and a watered down Dr. Pepper, and I’m gonna go to sleep on a bed full of animals. I don’t think I’m winning this one.

As luck would have it, I have The Boy tonight, so he’s taking a bath. When you’re 12, you get some awesome hair grease action going on and it doesn’t help matters that he’s always trying to use my hair product to give himself a mohawk. He asked if he could take a “long bath”. His defintion was an hour; I bargained him down to 40 minutes. Do I have this pseudo-parent thing down cold, or what?

Of course, he’s been running around the apartment for the 20 minutes prior to his bath in his boxers trying to take pictures of everything he could find in the house with his new cell phone. I hate when he walks around in his boxers, because I really don’t want little boy weenis to become accidentally exposed. Am I wrong for thinking that?

I’m headed to Missouri tomorrow after work for a few days. It’s just Riley and I this time around, which will be sort of nice… but probably feel just as weird as tonight.


  1. Entries like these make me smile, Wends. Love that you’ve got a good life… I think this means I REALLY have to figure out a way to visit you, so I can meet those That Bring You Joy.

  2. Well, considering you don’t really want any aged boy-weenies peeking out at you, I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch. But other than that I think you’re rocking the shit out of this 2nd string mommy thing.

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