hi again it’s me

We just dropped off our foster dog to her new home. Happy Mother’s Day to Peeka’s new mom!

Our Mother’s Day was spent trying to get a foreign object out of the toilet. The General’s been working on that for the past three days, but one final day of jamming an auger up and down both sides of the toilet have proven to be unsuccessful. We cut our losses and bought a new toilet at Menard’s. Yeah, we’re renting, but neither of us wanted to call the landlord and explain this little mild disaster. Especially because we need to call him tomorrow and tell him one of the electrical outlets in our kitchen stopped working.

I’m toying with changing themes on ye ol’ blog, mainly because I figured that might be something to get me to post more often. Probably a futile attempt, but I didn’t see any harm in trying. Of course, it takes me forever to find something I like.

Lastly, I’m completely in love with Facebook. I have been for a long time. But today took the cake. This boy I used to play basketball with at the park daily during the summer (we’ll call him Rayson Jeno) is on there. I most certainly never had a crush on him (right), but more of a “Dammit, you ass, I’m going to beat you at streetball if it’s the last thing I do” type feeling towards him. Of course, I never did, but Angie and I sure as hell were the only girls that could give him a run for his money… And now, I kind of want to go back to Vermont Park in Sedalia, shoot three pointers to decide who plays on what team, and listen to the basketball clank through the metal nets one afternoon.

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  1. Angie

    Aw:( I just shed a tear……I have not read your blog for SO long and look what i find when i finally do:)

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