i love you, wii

I honestly do have a lot of other things to talk about, but mainly all I do at home anymore is play with my Wii. And, man, if I was a dude, there’d be so many more implications that could mean and so many more off-color jokes. Especially considering I call it the Wii-Wii a lot at home.

Not only am I a Pro-level Bowler with Wii Sports, but we also wound up with the Wii Fit. And I’ve religiously done it every day since we got it shortly after my birthday. Holy crap, I love it a lot.

For those of you not in the know, it has this whole yoga section, which I thought would SUCK ASS and I’d never want to do it ever ever ever. And then I tried it and now I love it. I just finished 20 minutes of nothin’ but yoga, baby.

Here’s a video (not of mine) so you can see what it actually looks like when you’re doing it:

The General is doing some Yoga action right now, and when that’s all done, it’s time for me to do some more Strength Training and Aerobic Junk. It’s seriously the greatest thing ever and I love doing it. If I go to bed without at least doing my Wii Fit Test, then I feel dirty. Lately, it’s been a bare minimum of 30 minutes worth of goodies each night… and I’m sure the downstairs neighbors can attest to the rhythm boxing that takes place in the late evenings.

I’m finding myself with less lower back pain from the Wreck of ’06 (yay!), noticeably better posture, and a fresh understanding of all this deep breathing business my therapist keeps lecturing me about. On top of that, I think I’ve lost around 10 pounds.

Also of awesome note: I haven’t had caffeine since Thursday at dinner. So, big thanks to the Welch’s Grape that’s in the vending machine at work and my rediscovered love for Squirt.

And, finally, The General got a new pedometer from REI this weekend, which means we’re both working to get to that 10,000 step level. Yesterday, we hit 5500+. Today, we took a walk to the gas station (for the aforementioned Squirt) to make sure we hit 6000+. I only wish I would have had one on Friday when I walked home from work. WILLINGLY. If summer can behave itself, I might make that a regular Friday afternoon habit. There just ain’t no way I’m walking 2 miles in Grown Up Lady Business Pants Monday through Thursday.


  1. Stephanie L.

    I have loved Squirt ever since I was little — it was a pop my grandparents always stocked at their house and we got to drink it when we went for visits. I can’t believe Squirt isn’t more popular — its unfortunate name probably has something to do with it. :) I still drink it, only now in Diet form; it’s actually not that bad!

  2. diz

    The Wii and Wii Fit are freakin’ amazing. Today’s Day 11 and I haven’t missed one yet. Yesterday it even told me I was the lowest weight I’ve been in almost four and a half years. Today, of course, I gained 2 lbs, but you know, it’s a start.

    Keep at it!

  3. Dan

    Dude. I love Squirt. That shit is AWESOME.

    Also, I think I’m going to incorporate Wii Fit into my training this year.

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