my first wii injury

I know I’m totally behind on this whole Nintendo Wii thing, but it happens all the time. I was the last person I knew to get an old school Nintendo. And the only reason I ever got a PlayStation was because I won it on a radio station contest. I’m not really one to obsess over video games unless you count the entire Grand Theft Auto series that I’ll play for about two weeks and then call it quits once I keep getting wasted and/or busted.

But the Wii. Holy crap. Why didn’t someone tell me I should have raffled off access to my liver in exchange for a Wii??

I don’t even use my computer at home anymore, because I’d rather be doing Wii-related things: Wii Sports (I played three hours of tennis the day we got it), Cooking Mama Cook Off (why this game is fun, I don’t know, but we love it around here), and Wii Fit (I thought yoga was absolutely retarded until I started doing it there). I even spent one day adding a Fu Manchu ‘Stache on my Mii.

Happily, I’ve lost close to 8 pounds since we got it. What can I say? I’m a very active tennis player, I guess. And for those of you with Wiis and Wii Fits at home, you should me rock the hula hoop game. Sadly, I think I’ve developed my first Wii-related injury. I’m not surprised to announce that I’m diagnosing myself with tennis elbow.

The Wii is probably the greatest thing I’ve ever owned. Riley, on the other hand, is extremely jealous of it and when we play, he goes into the kitchen and lays down on the rug until we’re done. Yep, my dog’s jealous of a video game console.

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  1. Why am I picturing you incorporating the stanky legg into the step aerobics routine on Wii Fit? You did, didn’t you?

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