things that have happened

It’s be 2+ weeks since I actually posted something, which is kinda crazy for me… And, because I know the world doesn’t like reading long paragraphs, here’s a list of things that have happened since then:

  1. I celebrated my 7th year of living in Minnesota!
  2. I got a Blackberry, thanks to Matilda444’s generosity.
  3. I’ve been to at least 6 Timberwolves games courtesy of Suzi and/or Work, which means my seats have always been ridiculously awesome and free.
  4. I went to therapy.
  5. I turned 31 and the celebration was the most low key I’d had in years. Apparently I’m an adult now?
  6. I got a Nintendo Wii with my birthday money from my parents, my gramma, and the proceeds from the trip to the Casino The General funded.
  7. We got a Wii Fit in the mail today, because we just had to have one.
  8. The General and I have started a pretty awesome diet regimen (if that’s the right word) and we’re both motivated to stick to it, which is pretty awesome.

So, yeah. A lot going on, but it’s been all pretty awesome things. My therapist said I should take times to do things that I love and I felt too nerdy to tell her that blogging was something that I loved. I should probably figure out how to blog from email so I can do it from work over my lunch break, because is blocked from my work domain – PORNOGRAPHY, it says. Sorry about that, IT Department.

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