a good tuesday night

Got to head to the Timberwolves game with Suzi tonight right after work. It was a good way to end my day, even if they did lose by 2980 points or so. The only reason I miss Rashad is because there’s nobody we can pick on as much. And, I accidentally cheered for Mark Madsen and his Prop 8 supporting ways, but then I realized I just cheer in hopes of him revealing his special Mormon underpants in some fashion. (Note to self: Register mormonunderpants.com and rediret it to Mad Dog’s Blog. Or maybe MadDogsManPanties.com)

Headed out of the Target Center and onto the sidewalk along First Avenue, calling The General to share my general location. I hadn’t been out of the door six feet before I ran into a pack (is it a gaggle? a school? a flock? a litter?) of strippers handing out coupons for Rick’s Cabaret (NSFW!). I’m not going to lie. It scared me. I mean, c’mon, that much make up would scare the pee out of anyone. So, I say the first thing I could think of.

“Uh, honey, there are strippers here. They’re handing out coupons. For free pole dances.”

The General laughed.

The strippers did not. “What? Did she just call us strippers? OMG.” (That last part isn’t true, but it may as well have been.)

And then they chased me down the street. Luckily, I’d left my 5 inch heeled boots at the office and was able to escape. (Yeah, that’s not true either.)

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  1. I just LOVE when strippers hand The Referee a coupon when we’re on the way out of the game. Poor guy never knows what to do. Be polite to them? Ignore them? He just turns bright red and stares at the ground.

    I’m not too worried about our Mad Dog. He has always been very supportive and inclusive of all people (I’m thinking especially of immigration issues), and when stooooopid Prop 8 came along, I think he just did what his church told him to do, like lots of churchy people. He’s proved that he is capable of thinking for himself, though. Give him a little time, and he’ll come around. I’m sure of it.

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