they also cause impulsive destruction

I’ m a bit of a bar-goer. In this process, I’ve visited my fair share of bathrooms in the various Twin Cities bars I tend to frequent (or infrequent). That’s what happens after a couple of beers, vodka lemonades, or shots of a varied mixture. While spending a few seconds emptying out my bladder in the various bars’ often dirty bathrooms, I find myself reading the advertisements on the wall.

They’re usually horribly laid out ads cased by a frame labeled with Brite Media Indoor. As it turns out, they advertise on their website “Special Minneapolis Venues”, which includes a package called “NightMoves Network”.  The NightMoves Network encourages advertisers to “Hit the hard to reach active, on-the-go 21-34 year olds at their favorite clubs and nighttime hotspots”.

Do you know I don’t want to read about while I’m trying to concentrate on not falling off the toilet or forgetting to pull my pants back up after having a couple of drinks? It’s the advertising that the NightMoves Network manages to sell – abortions, being a foster parent, and volunteering for some non-profit organization.

I’m in constant awe of these Brite Media Indoor advertisements. Maybe that explains why I always want to steal them.


  1. jumi

    I always thought that those public service ads were the placeholders that Brite Media had to put up because they couldn’t actually sell the ad space to companies that have money.

    I also harbour the suspicion that the men’s bathroom ads are far more interesting.

  2. I put an ad in those bathroom ads for my business….it was placed in 4 bars, I got ONE call!

    waste of money!

    I read those too now though all the time because of my ad….I never call anyone either haha!

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