making math fun*

The Boy is not so much a fan of math. I’m not going to lie – when I was his age, I hated math, too. And I never regained any type of feelings towards it other than hate for the rest of my life. Just ask Mrs. Piatt, my math teacher for three years in high school. No, I didn’t fail. She just happened to teach all of the “college preparatory” classes that I needed to take.

The three of us had a talk the other night at dinner and decided that we need to work on math some more with him. I’ve taken it upon myself to work with him only the only math I fully understand – practical math. Figuring out tips, how much things cost, cooking measurements, that kind of thing – it’s all stuff he can do, because he’s so incredibly intelligent. (Like scary intelligent.) He just hates it and gets really stressed out when you throw a problem like that his way.

Yesterday afternoon, we had this email conversation:

Me: i need your help!  can you go here and figure out how much it would cost for all of us to go see marley & me tonight? if you figure it out, we’ll go see the movie!! i just want to make sure i get enough money out of the ATM.  (yes, this is a math problem!)  love ya, buddy!

The Boy (14 minutes later): like $8 but i would get like $11 because of snacks.

Me: (1 minute later): we’ll go with $15 for extra snacks. thanks!! did the general help you? AND GOOD JOB!

The Boy (2 minutes later): there is a ATM at the theater so you don’t have to get the money now

The Boy (1 minute later): the general did not help me it was pretty easy

I’ve gotta get his math figured out now, because in three years, when he’s up in all that Algebra crap, I’m going to be in trouble. They have all these new fangled ways to do math that I don’t even  understand!

*Um, a year ago, I never would have suspected I would have ever used that as a subject line. Never ever.

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