dónde está el guapo

Today, on the way back from picking up The Boy in southern Minnesota, we swapped the voice on TomTom out for a Spanish one. We did the switch before The Boy got in the car, thinking he might be able to apply what he’s learning Spanish to the directions back home. He, of course, didn’t find our game all that amusing and wanted us to switch the Ricardo voice back to the Richard one. (That’s seriously what they are.)

The three of us tried to figure out what TomTom was saying in Spanish based on the directions we knew to be correct, but the only one I kept recognizing was “800 yards”, and that’s only because I know that’s right around half a mile and I’ve known ocho since my Sesame Street days.

I know dónde está (translation: where is), which is great, except my nouns are limited to things like: bano (bathroom), senora (lady), gato (cat), niño (boy), and taco (um…). I’ve been tossing it around for a while, but now I think I’m at a point where I really want to learn to speak fluent Spanish.

I went through a stint last month where I was recruiting for bilingual customer service representatives and today it just really dawned on me that if I were bilingual, that’d really make me even more universally awesome in my job. So, that’s my goal. The General and The Boy are both down with learning it with me, so it should make for some fun family entertainment… and entertaining arguments, I’m sure.

The Boy was already correcting my verb usage and I’ve already taught him how to say whore. Totally on accident, I might add. We’re off to a good start.

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