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(Inspired by Chaely):

I had a seminar this morning that lasted until 11:00 a.m. that just happened to be with Favorite Co-Workers #1 and #2 (who are pretty much interchangeable). We raced out of the seminar into the car we drove and turned on some fancy talky radio just in time to hear all of Obama’s inauguration speech. Speeding down 394W in an effort to try to get back to the office in time to at least watch some of it, the three of us soaked it all in.

We got back to the parking lot and decided to wait it out in my co-worker’s Versa. It was either that or miss a good two minutes of it while we transitioned from the parking lot to our 5th floor office. There we sat, listening to phenomenal history, in a compact car running in the parking lot of downtown Minneapolis.

We got out when it was over and realized there were two ladies from another building standing out in the parking lot smoking, clearly thinking we were smoking something a little more potent in those 10 minutes we sat there. I watched parts of the parade during a mid-afternoon staff meeting, but I felt myself constantly tensing up, scared that a Crazy was going to pull some jackass move on such a monumental day.

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