the weekend of a lot and nothing

This weekend was one of those weekends were I’ve ended up completely exhausted and I’m not entirely sure why.

Friday: There was work. I remember that. I remember coming home and loading up the car with boxes. And I honestly don’t remember anything else after that!

Saturday: We got the keys to the new place!! We already had one car load to haul up the stairs, which included a lot of kitchen stuff. The General had things organized in such a way that our kitchen in the new place is completely functional. I’m glad one of us knows the meaning of organization. We stopped at Super America by our new place for breakfast (coffee and donuts for The General and Mountain Dew and a hot dog for me) and I noticed something. The fountain drink dispenser had Strawberry Fanta (Win #1!) and something else called Wild Stallion Energy Drink. While I’ve never even heard of Wild Stallion Energy Drink, I know I’m having it next time.

We came back home and loaded up the car again, this time with everything we had for The Boy’s room, including his bed. Aside from needing some sort of dresser and TV stand for his room, he is ready to go. Kid’s got an 11″ x 11″ bedroom! Our plan is to have him completely set up by the time we have him next, which would be Wednesday. I think it’s completely doable and I know it’ll make the transition for him about five hundred times easier.

We also headed out to Eden Prairie to get one more load from the storage unit and also pick up a few things we found on the Free section of Craigslist. While these items aren’t really for us, they’re going to make fantastic gifts for our homies at our Awesome Christmas party this Friday. Celebrating late has its perks, doesn’t it?

Sunday: We took a load over and I worked for a couple of hours. And that’s it. I’m overly exhausted right now. With Riley’s vet bills and the deposit we had to throw down this weekend, thinking about money has me stressed out to my maximum stress level. The way I respond is with a lot of sleep. Good thing is that I’m sure we’ll get a big chunk of my deposit here back, which will be helpful at the end of February. And in the meantime, learning to clip coupons and cut costs makes me feel like a responsible adult… finally, at the age of 30, right?

I think I’m going to watch Desperate Ho-wives and then go to sleep.

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