well enough to hawk a loogey

Is that even how you spell hawk a loogey?

I’ve received so many different messages today – voicemails, Facebook comments, emails – just to see how Riley was doing. I’m so glad that not everyone thinks I’m retardedly insane when it comes to my dog. He’s just my baby, ya know? And thank you to everyone for the super awesome thoughts.

Over the past week or so, aside from draining my bank account, I’ve been doing so much research online. I know the internet is 99% Worst Case Scenario, but since I know that’s not the case, so I can tolerate it. I’ve learned a lot about pet care that I probably wouldn’t have known before. The whole leaky penis situation (oh, that’s right. I said leaky penis.) makes sense now, since he’s so full of fluids. It makes sense that he races me to the bathroom the second he hears the toilet flush in hopes that we’re going to forget to put the lid down so he can have some nice cold and refreshing toilet water.

He has kidney issues for whatever reason – more than likely, it’s an infection. He’ll go back tomorrow for more blood work and possibly another day worth of IVs. But I honestly have this really good feeling that his blood test results are going to be exactly what they need do be.

If only that website would teach me some sort of trick to get the dumb ol’ dog to take his pill. Ramming it down his throat is what we’ve resorted to just to make sure he can’t spit it back out. Although, I think it may have caused him to spit a loogey across my bedroom. I’d never seen a dog spit a loogey, which I should probably look up… that could only be the sign of one thing, though, and that’s AWESOME.

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