your nightly dog update

Riley saw his (and my) favorite vet today. She took great care of him. All of his tests are concerned levels are just a shade above where they’re supposed to be. He’s responded extremely favorably to being rehydrated via IV.

He’s so tired now. Not in a lethargic way, but more of a “Jesus, just let me sleep as much as you normally do!” way. He’s had enough energy to jump over boxes, play in the snow, pull my arm out of its socket, and make sure he’s no less than 10 feet from any human.

The method that we’re treating him at home involves shooting electrolyte IVs into him, between the skin and the muscle. Then he gets bloated wherever he gets the injection. Right now, my dog looks like he has a goiter and his skin is all jiggly. It’s very sad.

He gets home treatment tomorrow and what’s looking like more blood tests on Tuesday. And on Thursday we have to finish paying the rest of our deposit and half of January’s rent. Hopefully with my charm and good lucks, because that’s about all that we’ve got to give after this weekend’s dog emergency.

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