when the time comes

This April, my trusty Ford Escape will turn eight years old. I’ve had it the entire time. Sure, it’s got 140,000+ miles on it and it’s been in three accidents, one of which was just a few hundred dollars short of totaling it. But you know what? Aside from any problems I’ve directly caused, that car’s been a-okay. When something’s paid for and never had any problems (knock on wood right now!!), I don’ t really have any need to look for something else or even entertain the thought of trading it in. And let’s face it, a car that old with that many miles isn’t exactly going to be raking in the cash when it comes to trade-in value.

I’ve prematurely made the decision that when it comes time to replace my car, I’m either going to try to sell it on my own (which could probably spell disaster) or just donate it for the tax write-off. I see billboards for it all around Minneapolis and just finished reading an article about the Philadelphia Red Cross Car Donation. If my car were a little newer, I wouldn’t even consider something like that, but let’s face it – not everyone wants a 2001 Ford Escape that’s missing all of the cigarette lighters and probably has tiny white dog hairs woven into the backseat by now.

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