maybe a little too comfortable

I’ve been in my current position since April 30, 2008. That’s almost a whole 8.5 months and the weeks just keep flying by. In April, it’ll be a whole year. It’s crazy. But crazy in a good way.

I’ve tried maintaining a professional approach day in and day out, but I think the ease of that has come to an end. Yesterday, I said the word TITS. To my defense, I meant to say TOTS, but I was still referring to the word tits. And it was loud. Probably loud enough for the whole back side of the office to hear. Oopsie on that.

And today, Favorite Co-Worker #1 was talking about someone named Pat.

Favorite Co-Worker #2 asked, “Pat who?”

Without even stopping to think what I was saying, I responded with, “McCrotch”.

Favorite Co-Workers #1 and #3 laughed. Favorite Co-Worker #2 was more stunned than anything, I think.

Talking about boobs one day and crotches the next? Probably something I should try to keep a little better control over. If I can get past tomorrow without referring to anyone’s top or bottom swimsuit area, I’ll be really proud of myself.

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