somehow i fixed my wordpress!

All it took was Googling it approximately 5,054 1/2 times. If you wish to know how I solved it, you can read the full study here.

Somehow, I stumbled upon something tonight that told me my version of Filezilla ( my FTP program) was probably outdated, so I should update that first. Re-upload all of the files required to upgrade to WP 2.7. And then clear my cache.

I almost punched my glass desk, but then realized I’d forgotten to clear my cache. And now I have a perfectly functioning copy of WordPress 2.7, which actually has a pretty nice new interface!

NOW I can finally post all of the things I want! After I go to bed tonight and complete various tasks tomorrow, such as: SIGN OUR NEW LEASE, hopefully pick up some boxes, pick up The Boy, drop off the rent check, file a formal complaint towards the people in apartment 102 while at the rental company’s office, and do some more organizing of the shit strewn about my apartment. We got notice this morning that they’re going to be attempting to show it starting Monday…

Good luck selling this place to someone with boxes everywhere and what appears to look like two big urine stains on the ceiling.

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