online lovin’

It’s probably no secret that I’ve met the majority of the people I’ve dated in one fashion or another online. Coming from a small town where all of the people you may want to date are people you went to high school with kind of puts a limit on things. Thanks goodness for Yahoo! personal ads back in 1998 and 1999, or I wouldn’t have been able to visit the dorms of Whiteman Air Force Base a good 2098 times, right?

I love that the internet has expanded its horizons on making sure anybody and everybody can find their perfect match in some fashion online. Whether it be Craigslist where the guy working a late shift at Radio Shack can post ads for an after work hookup or some professional business lady that works so many hours she needs to have one of those places that arrange dinner find her someone nice and handsome that doesn’t have a criminal record, the internet is there for everyone’s booty call! and/or chance at finding love if they’re not going to be on a horrible VH1 reality dating show.

They make it a little too easy now, with things like Dating Directory Online. Back in the day, you had to type things like “dating +not in prison” into Yahoo (because Google wasn’t around) and hopefully find something. This directory gives people options like “Married But Playing Dating Sites” or “Millionaire Dating Sites” along with the regular old fashioned sites like “Straight Dating Sites” and “Adult Dating Sites”… I hope not as opposed to Child Dating Sites…

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