moving day has been scheduled

Sometime before Thanksgiving, more specifically on November 20th, The General and I looked at duplex in Northeast Minneapolis. At first site, I wasn’t all that impressed with it. Yeah, it was cute, but I started picking apart things that didn’t really matter. And in reality, looking back, those are some of the things that I like about it. Short story of all that? We both ended up liking it a ton.

Since we both don’t have the greatest credit in the world and I’ve been at my job less than a year, we were both kinda worried about how well we’d fare in a background/credit check. This was only the second place we’d been into look. The first one was in a larger apartment complex, which we all really liked, and the caretaker that showed us the apartment pretty much begged us to move in. Nice quiet couple? YES, PLEASE. So, we knew we had that as a backup plan. And if you’re struggling with way too much clutter in the home then we suggest you find a great and local self-storage company as they can easily store all of the stuff you don’t need at the moment and free up a huge amount of space.

While we were in St. Louis, we filled in our applications and sent them to the potential landlord. (Sidenote: The guy offered us a turkey when we went to look at the duplex; he said he was hoping to sweeten the deal. How cute is that?) He called into my work to make sure I actually worked there, and did whatever other types of verifying that he needed to do before finally telling us the place was ours. YAY!

After a lot of email tag, we finally, as of about four hours ago, have set up a time for us to sign the lease and I’m so freaking excited. As of Saturday at 2pm, we’ll be, well, duplex tenants. At least on paper.

I’m just glad that this move, much in thanks to The General, will be more organized than the move from Eagan to Minneapolis, now the thing that concerns us is Establishing and Following Procedure in Corporate Relocation Services for my husband’s business, since we are moving to a town that’s 2 hours away from here, he can’t keep his office in the same place, specially with all the traffic, it would take him like 4 hours to get home and day by day he will eventually end up breaking down from all the traveling stress. This time I promise I won’t have trash bags full of clothes and piles full of trash strewn about the apartment. And keep your calendar clear for January 24th, because that’s when we’ll need some help. Anyone willing to donate the use of a truck of some nature would easily fall on our BFF list, because we’re bypassing a truck rental this time around. I hope we don’t screw ourselves over on that!

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