hap-hap-happy 2009

For the past week, I’ve been trying to decide what types of resolutions I wanted to make. Not the typical “lose 10 pounds” or “save the Earth”, but things I could really do. And I kept drawing a blank. I think it’s because most of the things I would like to resolve to do are things that I’m going to do… so I guess it makes it more like a 2009 To Do List. A list which I still haven’t made.

I’m glad 2009 is here. I didn’t hate 2008 at all – I wound up with a job so awesome that I couldn’t even ask for anything better (aside from a built in basketball court on the 3rd floor of our building, but that’s still pending!) and I wound up with The General, which is another one of those things I couldn’t have imagined happening this time last year.

2008 could have been better in the ol’ checkbook, but in the grand scheme of things my new happiness with my work and The General, combined with the constant awesomeness of my friends and family made 2008 as awesome as expected.

2009 will bring on some new things that I’m excited about both professionally and personally, but at the risk of not wanting to jinx anything, I’m keeping them to myself for now. But for all of you, have a RIDICULOUSLY Happy 2009, and thanks for always reading over things here, even if it is usually a bunch of links or some paid post. I think about writing here a lot, but it’s just that whole execution part that seems to fail me every time.


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