i’m a fan of online anything

Let’s hypothetically say I work in a human resources type of business. Working in an industry full of people that just want to find work gets a little tedious at times – their personal issues, their criminal histories, you name it and I know about it. Being a people person by nature, I’m pretty much convinced it’s right up my alley; my job couldn’t be a better fit really.

Anytime I see some kind of Human Resource Software, I automatically have to check and see how it should benefit me in my list of daily things to deal with. Hey, anything that’s going to help me in managing every tiny bit of someone’s human resource file is going to give me a little extra time to do things like stare out the window into downtown Minneapolis, hoping for some sort of incident to take place in front of Sex World.

If I could change one thing about the process at my work, it would definitely to implement some type of online timecard system. Heck, I’ve wanted that at all of my previous employers. For the past several years, I’ve worked in technology-based environments that had required me to fill out Excel spreadsheets and email them over to my non-trusting manager (at my last job) so he could verify everything with a totally separate calendar. Sounds like a major headache that could be easily alleviated by some electronic form of timecards, doesn’t it?

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