put it all on plastic

When I moved from Sedalia, Missouri, to the greater Minneapolis area back in 2002, one of the most exciting things I noticed was that I could pay with my debit card absolutely anywhere I went – restaurants, movie theaters, you name it. When I lived in Sedalia, you got dirty looks if you tried to buy a twenty ounce bottle of pop and a candy bar at the local gas station. I guess credit card processing was a novel concept to a town of 20,000 (give or take a couple of hundred depending on how much the Air Force people were breeding), because there wasn’t even any option to use it when you ordered pizza or went to any restaurant that didn’t require a server.

I was more than excited when I moved here, went to Taco Bell and could pay with my debit card. That may explain my extensive weight gain since moving up in this direction, but sure has been convenient! I love not having to apologize when I go to GameStop, trade in some PlayStation 2 games, and then only have to pay $1.38 to buy a new game. The guy at the counter told me he didn’t care and that it wasn’t like he was getting personally charged every time someone used their debit or credit card.

I love living in the city.

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  1. Stephanie L.

    Small towns need to get with it! I remember one time we were visiting my parents in this rinky-dink town of 3,000 they used to live in. My husband went to the grocery store to pick up a few last-minute things for dinner. When he tried to pay, the check out girl gave him a rude look and said, “We aren’t set up for The Card.” She acted like it was the plague!

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