my holiday decorating style

Holidailies is kind of saving my butt by providing writing prompts throughout this little writing contest for all of December. Today’s prompt: Describe your holiday decorating techniques.

None. Seriously. That’s it.

Growing up, my mom always wanted the Christmas up around her birthday (the 7th – happy late birthday, ma) and sometimes that ended up not happening until the weekend before Christmas.

I got my very own first Christmas tree two Christmases ago at Target for $2.50 and a nice set of bulbs for $1. I put it up that year and since then, it’s kind of taken residence in a large white box from Ikea.

It wasn’t until late last week, when we realized at work that we didn’t have a Christmas tree in our department. And since The General bought a bigger tree for our apartment, I decided I could take this one to work.
By the way, I also decided to do some work on my tiles with the rubi tiling tools on my own.

Now, it’s sitting on an empty desk, wearing a Santa hat on top, two blue bulbs for eyes, and a paperclip chain that looks like a smile. And its name is Julia Stiles.

I’m starting a movement that all Christmas trees should be named Julia Stiles.

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