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It doesn’t really happen so much now that I have a job where I honestly love going into work every day. Prior to that, though, when I worked at Hey, Use Your Grant Money To Buy Our Crappy Software Instead of All That Other Stuff Your School Needs, Inc, I was always trying to come up with a way to find something new to do and have a valid reason to quit that crap hole. And who better to work for than myself, right?

While I’ve always thought I’d have a good time running my own business (named Wendy’s Awesome Company, of course, since someone already stole the name Wendy’s), I’ve never really come up with an idea that would make me millions. And, really, if I’m going to run my own business, I better be making some millions. I’ve gotta have something to pay my minions with.

I’ll occasionally do a bit of research on the whole thing, like on Sundays when I only manged to sleep for about two hours last night. (Hey, sometimes I run out of things to read on the internet!) I don’t know a lot about digging up working capital or any other kind of tribal lending loans that could get Wendy’s Awesome Company up and running, but it’s good to know I can use the internet as a resource for that kind of thing. I’m sure whatever company I come up with, though, will just have people begging to throw money my way. Obviously! (Or not.)

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