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To top off our ridiculously action-packed Saturday that included The General picking up The Boy from a sleepover, me napping the most part of the day, and Martha the Neighbor stopping by to drop off some mail that accidentally got delivered to her mailbox (I told you it was action packed), we decided to go to the grocery store at 7:30 PM. I’ll probably end up adding that time of day to my list of awesome grocery shopping times.

We were on a mission to have groceries for the entire week. We’re trying to save money and we’re trying to eat healthier, so why not help out with both of those and make meals at home, right? We wound up with enough food for seven days of full meals – breakfast (mainly for The General), lunch for both of us, and some of our favorite dinners. We spent less than $80! And, we were both starving when we went, which we realized the second we starting pushing the cart down the junk food aisle to get saltines.

I was overly excited. Spaghetti, stir fry, breakfast for dinner one night… plus, lunch options for me to keep at my desk. I was extremely excited after we finished!

i also realized that there are several talents I wasn’t born with and packing groceries in bags is certainly not one of mine. When I first moved to Minnesota and went grocery shopping, I was so surprised that at discount grocery stores (or whatever Rainbow and Cub are considered) made you pack up your own groceries. You’d think after 6+ years of being here, I’d figure out how to do it on my own… I guess that tells you how often I go grocery shopping.

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