i need some sand and water

Dance Plans were executed last night, but apparently we were the only people, aside from a Hot Tranny Mess, that were planning on dancing at that bar. We danced to Pussy Control by Prince and Sabatoge by Beastie Boys and then The General and I called it a night at the bar. But not before Jenni and I had the chance to talk about our cruise we’re planning for next December. Anytime we talk about it, I get all ridiculously excited for the potential of it and nostalgic for all the other traveling we’ve done.

So, this morning, when I finally woke up at 11:30, I started looking into vacations. Nothing soon, because of the whole holiday thing and the moving thing we have coming up. But, you know, sometime down the road. Right now, I’m kind of obsessed with the best water parks in New Jersey, or as far as I know, the only water parks in New Jersey, but still… if you throw best and water in as adjectives to anything, chances are I’m totally down. My vacationing in New Jersey is limited, but in an awesome way, to the Newark airport and surrounding suburbs.

Morey’s Piers kind of looks like the perfect Jersey Shore beach vacation. I think I’m really jonesing for a beach vacation anywhere at this point, though. Morey’s kind of has a ton of specials going on right now, that if I weren’t in the “Crap I gotts save all my money” phase right now, I’d be looking into a little more seriously.

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