classin’ it up on a friday night

I failed miserably at NaBloPoMo. So I’m making another run at it, this time with Holidailies. We’ll see how far I get!

With a can of Dr. Pepper on my desk that’s been spiked with leftover (from Jell-O shot salad) UV Vanilla Vodka, I figured it’s be just as good of a time as any to get the first Holidailies’ post out of the way. I’m also going out tonight for some much-needed/much-missed dancing, so I know I won’t have the opportunity to post again before midnight. And even if I did, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be coherent.

Holidailies is giving us a prompt to write about ourselves… so what the heck. I don’t nearly talk about myself much at all.

Things that make me happy right this very second?

The General and I are aboutthisclose to getting a new place. The potential landlord called my work today to verify that I work there, and emailed The General last night to let us know things were looking really good. We’re a little nervous about the deposit, because he’s not being extremely straightforward with giving us an answer with an exact dollar amount. But at least he hasn’t started running for the hills, which is a good thing. We got a print tonight at No Coast to hang somewhere in the new place, and I think that kinda got us both super excited about the potential of it. It’s in a new neighborhood, closer to my work, and overall, about 100 times cuter then my current place. Plus, the notice has already been given to my current abode.

Dancing tonight. Work and family and the holidays and adjusting to a new salary has prevented me from hanging out with my homies as much. And, holy shit, I miss that a lot. I don’t realize it until I go a week or two without hanging out with them, but the whole lot of, I’ve realized, make up my family up in this neck of the woods. Tonight, I’m excited to head to my most favorite dancing bar in all the world (followed closely by The Safe House in Milwaukee) to have a few drinks, make fun of a few people, and be the only white people in the hip hop portion of the bar for a while.

What I’m not so happy about?

The fact that somebody that lives here and doesn’t pay any of the bills (he also has four legs and is laying on the couch right now) decided he needed leftover breadsticks. Now his stomach is making noises loud enough I can hear across the room and he decorated the living room with little piles of dog dookie. If I didn’t love that dumb ol’ dog so much, I would sent him to the pound a long time ago. His life is so rough sometimes.

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