on the job learning

Prior to starting my current job, I had absolutely no experience in it. Awesome for my employer to say “Hey, let’s give you a shot”, I know. Without sounding like a douche, I’m pretty awesome at what I do.

One of the things on my “Areas of Improvement” list was to do things that make you uncomfortable sometimes instead of sitting around only doing what I already know. As a result, I’ve been trying to focus my efforts on more IT-related things. And along with IT, comes a ton of ridiculous acronyms I’ve never even heard of. There are so many different training programs and certificates IT people can get that I have trouble keeping them straight sometimes. Good thing for Wikidpedia!

The cool thing that IT people can do now that they probably weren’t able to do a few years ago? All of their training can be done online. I’m a huge fan of not committing to be in a class for long periods of time! Should I decide to switch career fields again, the internet will be my first resource for any MCSE, MCP, or CEH Training that I could possibly need. Learning while watching CSI:Miami reruns and sitting in my pajamas? Big bonus.

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