a to do list that i hope goes quickly

The list of Things to Do before heading down south for the Thanksgiving break keeps building, but we’re finally finding time to catch up on things. Here’s what we have to finish before 3pm on Monday:

  1. Puppy Spa Day (the dogs get their ears cleaned, nails clipped, and teeth brushed)
  2. Make Jello Shot Salad
  3. Buy Beer to take to our gracious hosts in IL
  4. Clean out the car (wiping the windows from tongue marks, picking up the garbage, wiping down the dash)
  5. Clean out the ‘fridge
  6. Take out the trash
  7. Take Riley to the Vet for some follow up vaccines
  8. Pack! (bags for clothes, toiletries, and one for Riley. I should probably have a detailed list so I don’t forget anything…)
  9. Vacuum
  10. Do laundry
  11. Go the Shackin’ Up Party
  12. Updated the iPod
  13. Take The Boy to his Granny’s (or drop him off in a ditch somewhere along the way)
  14. Wash the car

This also includes working on Monday from 8am – 3pm, with a work lunch involving Erica and macaroni pizza.

So, yeah, I kind of have a lot to do this weekend!

One Comment

  1. I’m so excited for lunch. Partly for the joy of eating mac-and-cheese pizza myself, partly for the joy of introducing others to it. And hanging out with you in your fancy lady pants will be fun, too.

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