links for 2008-11-19

  • I’m a big fan of “other disreputable place of resort” when describing the dives I like to visit. In fact, if every place I ever went for the rest of my life could be labeled as disreputable, I think I’d fit right in.
  • Why don’t we ever spend an afternoon at the airport doing this?? I tried it once, but I didn’t have nearly the turnout the folks at Improve Everywhere seem to always have.
  • I love any Christmas song that talks about 24s and stars Flo-Rida. Even if it for Gap. I watched all of them, but Flo-Rida’s was clearly my favorite. Is it just me, or did the Dixie Chick’s commercial sound really, really bad?
  • Just one more. The General said this was actually on TV, but I’d never come across it. I’ll blame Tivo for that one.
  • I always forget how much I love Wanda Sykes until I hear her get all riled up about something.
  • Uncle Sam & Obama do the gangsta pound.

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