urban outfitters promo codes

Over the twelve months, I’ve spent six months of it unemployed and six months dating The General. Between living on a fixed income (good God, how old am I?) and being heavily influenced by looking at price stickers at the grocery store, I’ve began to really appreciate good ol’ fashioned coupons from time to time. And you know where I find some of the best coupons ever? The Internets.

Keeping all this in mind, I’d like to tell you that my wall decorations through my 800 square foot apartment include the following: shelves, pictures, more shelves, and a clock. Oh, and there’s the lamp above my bed and the mirror that came installed in my Pretty Pretty Princess Vanity when I moved in. Other than that, I got nothing.

During that period of unemployment, I feel in love with Personalised Clothing‘ Home Decor selection. I felt dirty about that, because Urban Outfitters doesn’t even make clothing in my size. I probably should have been angry, but where else could I buy a tape dispenser shaped like an actual cassette tape? In all honesty, I’m in love with a lot, if not all, of the “wall art” section they have. I can’t explain my particular style when it comes to things like that, but it feels kind of wrong to be able to sum it up with the name of a retail store: “urban outfitters”. And that’s why I’m glad there are a ton of Urban Outfitters promo codes to consider when it comes time to decorate the new place. I’ve already scored a free Jimi Hendrix poster ordered for The Boy’s room. (It was either Hendrix or KISS. I was more excited about the free part.)

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