crazy file extensions

When I first installed iTunes and hooked my first iPod, I couldn’t figure out what things like an .m4a or an AAC file were. I just knew I downloaded .mp3 files, both free and illegally, from Napster anytime I could get my 56K dial-up connection to chugging away. I had no idea how to open things with extensions I’d never heard of. Thankfully the internet and all of it’s glory had very cool resources to answer all of my questions before I downloaded something that would eat every last one of the Monster Ballads songs I’d downloaded.

Now cell phones are using things like file extension 3g2 and I’m lost all over again. Thankfully, my piece of aging crap cell phone doesn’t really use any file extensions… probably because it doesn’t even know how to take a phone call for extended periods of time. But one of these days, I’m going to join the new age of cell phones and get something fancy that holds a charge, doesn’t drop calls, and can have cool things like magical .3g2 files. Never mind that two out of those three things shouldn’t be happening anyway.

I’m a huge fan of this File Extension library. It’s a huge help to know what kinds of the things The Boy, who is way too smart for his own good, may or may not be downloading. Last thing I want to find out is he has a super secret porn file extension somewhere in my hard drive.

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