the breitling evolution

Until recently, I’d never really hard of Breitling watches. The extent of my knowledge when it comes to watches ends at Fossil, unless you count Swatch watches from back in the day or the awesome ones that Kanye West and P. Diddy Puffy Combs wear. I just know that I love wearing a watch, whether or not the battery even works or not.

When I look for a watch, I want it to be something of substance. No dainty bands that look like a chain of daisies or anything that’s been through some type of simulated braiding process. I want a thick metal band so I can tell I have an actual watch on. And maybe one that’s large enough that can stop a bullet if I see one coming my way and perhaps also have a tiny pair of nun chucks I can pull out and battle any approaching ninjas. I’d just use that as my work watch.

If I’m gonna be sporting a watch when I’m hanging with my homeys at the club… and by hanging with my homes at the club, I mean watching hockey at Liquor Meshbesher’s and waiting for two for one red headed sluts. I like flashy things; I just have a flashy checking account, know what I’m sayin’? That’s why I’m kinda loving the whole breitling evolution.

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