ladies in the nba

Last year, Suzi took me to a Timberwolves game, where they just happened to be playing the Chicago Bulls. Because we’re both snarky and judgemental at times, we decided at that moment that each team in the NBA has a required lady on their roster. Joakim Noah, of the Bulls, was our first member of Ladies in the NBA.

I went to a Wolves game in the pre-season this year, also courtesy of Suzi’s generosity, and took The Boy™ with me. It was the first time I saw a few of the guys on the Timberwolves roster, like Kevin Love, Jason Collins, Brian Cardinal… all guys I’d never seen play and really never even heard of. And then I noticed someone else. Another member of Ladies in the NBA.

Meet Mike Miller.

Mike wears a headband when he plays that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen in the lady hair accessory department at Target. Since it’s not thick enough to catch any sweat, there’s no other reason he’s wearing it except to match with his beautiful new Timberwolves uniform.

He should probably be a little more lady-like, though, instead of flashing his booby at photographers like that.

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