completely professional concert review

Tonight was The Boy’s fall choir concert. His school is relatively small and tonight’s performance only featured the 4th through 8th grade population of the school. Their theme? I Love America! Or something like that. I just know that they were all supposed to be dressed in red, white, and blue, except 85% of the kids were wearing red. Except the kids that were wearing white button shirts, tucked into their khaki pants that were pulled up to their armpits.

Here are my conclusions after watching America 4 Life: The Musical:

  1. American Idol has entirely too much influence on impressionable young kids that are forced to be in their choir class. This little boy named Ty (perhaps the only classmate of The Boy that I can identify) was shaking his head every which direction, and the little kid next to him kept closing his eyes midway through My County Tis of Thee.
  2. The Boy really loves music! He was completely paying attention to his music teacher, who I call Mrs. Aflac (because I can’t remember her real name). And he was opening his mouth and had the words memorized and everything. I was so super proud of him!
  3. The 8th graders sang a medley of armed services song, where they encouraged people that had served in each branch to stand up during that portion of the song. The General didn’t want me to stand up during the Air Force song… Perhaps because I’ve never been enlisted. But I figured I had enough in me to come close. OH!
  4. Their accompaniment? It was a tape player plugged into a speaker system.
  5. Mrs. Aflac is sort of rude. She invited the crowd to sing Star Spangled Banner with the kids, and then turned around to direct us. Mainly she’s rude, because she’s not very patient with the kids. How the hell are you going to 1.) teach and 2.) teach MUSIC to kids if you don’t have one ounce of patience in your body?

Next concert: Sometime in the spring.

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