my 2008 voting day: yes we did

I meant to post all this yesterday, but I got too wrapped up in, you know, that election thing.

I wanted to vote before work and since I go in at 9:00, we figured it was easy enough to go right when the polls open at 7:00 a.m. I’m not a morning person, so by the time I got finished stomping around all crabby, it was about 7:15 when we left the house. The General, The Boy, and I walked down to Painters Park, which is less than a block from the apartment.

On the way to the polling place

Our neighborhood? Fans of Obama. It’s kind of why I like it here so much. We got to the park and noticed the line was coming out the door, down the entire block, and halfway around the corner. I was irritated. Until I remembered how awesome it was that many people in my neighborhood wanted a voice in this election.

Down and around the block

It looked like there were about 150 people in front of us. With my job, I’ve been talking to a lot of people involved in the election process, so I knew they’d send us through as quickly as they could. But STILL! That’s a lot of people and I was standing outside in Grown Up Lady Business Clothes. The line actually went pretty quick.

The General was registered in St. Paul, so we filled out some paperwork that would met me be an Official Voter Registration VOUCHER. Some nice people in a station wagon brought free coffee around for everyone waiting outside. The Boy and I talked about Super Mario Brothers strategies and swapped levels on and off. And soon enough, we were inside.

Hennepin County (and Dakota County for that matter) does a great job of not cramming a ton of people into the actual voting area. I started filling in my ovals before I even got into the booth-area. Using my hand as something sturdy, I colored in that circle next to Obama so fast there may have been enough friction to start a fire.

Then I went to work and sat and waited. Sure, I was able to find some people a job or two and all that good stuff, but man, I never so badly wanted to get home and turn on MSNBC in all of my life. And then I found out The General had printed out a map for me to color, meaning I would A) stay awake and not fall asleep on the couch and B) be a little more involved in tracking the electoral vote process. Win, win! Of course I had to have on my lucky shirt:

1:365 v5: Lucky Obama Shirt

And then you know what happened?


Seriously, good job America. Most of you anyway. And the rest of you (that at least voted)? Embrace it and don’t be bitter for the next for years! If you didn’t vote? I probably don’t like you and don’t want to talk to you about anything except chips and Harry Potter books.

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  1. As you probably know, I voted for the other guy. :)

    I like Obama and think he has all the tools (bright, articulate, calm/collected, etc.), I just don’t necessarily agree with his ideas.

    As I’ve said to others though since the results came in, I’m not going to be bitter or anything like that. I sincerely hope he ends up as one of the all time best Presidents. It’s OK for me to disagree with him as President, but I won’t root for his failure. His failure means our country’s failure and we’re all Americans above anything else.

    P.S. I think I totally could have written McCain’s loser speech. :)

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