no more selfish black fridays

I know, I know, I know. Halloween just ended. Now that Halloween’s over, it means we have to make travel plans for Thanksgiving, and you know what’s after Thanksgiving? Awesome Shopping Day. Last year, I scored an awesome deal on TomTom and an external hard drive for my brother by standing in line when it was still dark out. And then I always grab up some awesome deals online that same day. In fact, last year ON Thanksgiving, The Cuz, The Cuz-In-Law, Clara Jane, my Li’l Bro and I went to K-Mart to see what ridiculous (and generally unnecessary) deals we could find.

And now, since, you know, I have to buy something incredible for The General (man, Half Price Books’ day after Thanksgiving sales? Perfect!), and something really cool for The Boy™ (or else I’ll be a very uncool Wendy. By the way, I’m “his Wendy”; how cute is that?), I’m gonna hope Black Friday is very good to me this year.

Since I’ll be with The Cuz on Thanksgiving, it means The Cuz-In-Law will have first dibs at things like the Office Max and Best Buy Ad. But last year, we worked out a pretty good system. We found the best deals and decided we both needed all of them. I think I ended up getting some super cheap deals before Thanksgiving last year due to his deal sniping abilities. Last November, if memory serves, we’d decided we’d needed every single one of those DVDs they had on sales for $2.50, which is probably how I end up with Karate Kid and 8 seconds…

Maybe I’ll just try to focus more on gifts for other people this time around.

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