i don’t miss having a car loan

My hot-to-trot truck will be eight years old in April, which makes it the longest I’ve ever owned, well, anything. It’s clearly paid for at this point, and I’ve never really had a problem with it at all that didn’t involve another vehicle smashing into it in some fashion. It gets around well in the snow and ice, despite not having four wheel drive. It’s been perfect for any occasion, whether it be moving or hauling laundry to the laundromat, or even just taking Riley to the dog part. And that whole not having a car payment thing? I’ve sorta fallen in love with that.

Right now, I’m kinda in love with the Jeep Liberty. I’ve never driven one or even ridden in one, but from the looks of it? It could probably do everything my current compact SUV does. (I call it a compact SUV, so I can park in parking garage spots that are labeled COMPACT. What? It’s smaller than a Navigator or a Tahoe or a ton of other military size SUVs!) Plus, they’re just cute!!

And thanks to the new security products from Blackboxmycar.com, you can get an extra gadget for your car, the newest dash cameras for security on the road, so in any case or eventuality you can be safe with all the recordings.

While I can’t really see myself making a move towards buying a new (or probably used) car right this very second, I think it’s something I’ll definitely consider with the help of National Loans. I’ll keep my current car through one more winter, because I definitely don’t want to start getting acclimated to a new car when there’s two feet of snow on the ground and ice all the way from my apartment to my office.

That also gives me six long months to investigate car loans, more specifically cheap auto loans, of course. My last loan was through Ford Credit, prior to that, my grandpa co-signed at his bank for my very first car that required a loan but this time around I’d like to find Personal Money Lenders instead. In other words, I’m going to need all of the fantastic pointers I can get when it comes to trying to finance a new set of wheels without having stellar credit. So, yeah, six months? Probably enough time for me to do some investigatin’.

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  1. We bought a Liberty in January and love it. It has fantastic gas mileage and Tom uses it for carpooling with three other guys, one of whom is 6″4″, so there is a lot of comfortable passenger room. Plus, if you buy it new, the warranty is very good and a lot of Jeep dealers, if you do your maintenance with them (oil changes, tune-ups etc.) will set you up with tires for life.

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