best super hero ever

In our house, we don’t have fancy video games or a gigantic box of awesome toys with the latest toy guns from this nerf gun guide or that name-brand water gun for an 11 year old to play with, though if interested you can find good airsoft gun here. Instead sometimes The Boy has to get creative. And that’s what happened tonight (I just want to reiterate that while Wednesdays are usually Single Parent Night for me, The General was totally home during all of this):

Body Art
He was trying to make it talk, but the idea of making it into a video didn’t strike me until right this very second and he’s already too close to falling asleep to get him wound up again.

And then the next thing I know? This popped up.
Body Art 2
His previous belly tattoo has been morphed into a character named Chef Pierre Smiles.

And, yes. He’s wearing a cape, except I can’t explain why. I just know I got home from work and he was wearing it.

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  1. LOLOLOL! That reminds me of when Kelly was about 3. She got sick, so I took her to the doctor, and when she lifted up her shirt I found that The First Baseman had drawn a giant face, with her nipples being the eyeballs. Yes, doctor. We often draw on our children for our own amusement.

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