our forray into gangland

My lease runs out January 30th. This one bedroom thing with two adults, a pre-teen, boy and two large dogs (or just Riley and I, if you’re my landlord and reading this) is working out, but two bedrooms would work out so much better.

It’s pretty early on and I haven’t even given my notice yet, so I’m sure we’re not seeing all of the options that’ll be available. We’ve found one place that we’re in love with and would procreate with, but we’re thinking we might make too much money. There’s always sticking with my current management company, which is all well and good… we’d just have to move to another building about five blocks over, and if we’re staying with this company, I’d rather live in the apartment that’s on the ground floor in this building, but right now it’s full of approximately 9 people. (Sorry for that run on.)

The General found Potential New Place #1 on CraigsList. I found my current place on Craig’s Fantastic List of Awesome, so I figured it’d be worth a looksee. The guy was awesome enough to give us the address, so we could do a little driveby. I wasn’t entirely sold on the neighborhood, but it was less than two miles from my work, so that was making up for the bushes that had grown up all over the lot the house was on. It would have been the lower level of a duplex, and even though some teenage boy came bounding out of the house, I was still willing to consider it. (Teenage boys are loud. I know. We have an almost-one part-time.)

Then, we drove down the alley. The garage directly behind Potential New Place #1 had been tagged with some blue spray paint. Graffiti? No big shake. I’m down with artistic expression… except when it says CRIPS. Riley wears a red collar and I like my red car, and sometimes, I have red shirts I like to wear, and red Converses that are close to my favorite. Potential New Place #1? Off the list.


  1. Dude! My house is exactly 1.6 miles from there, and my neighborhood isn’t gangland. Maybe it’s different when you get north of 394…

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