hot pockets

I left work early Friday night (since I worked the Sunday prior) and headed to The 3 Day Safety Crew Happy Hour in Bloomington. Turns out, Jenni and I were the only people that showed up from the Sweep Team. We had a drink and then headed out. Later that night, we convened at Matt and Jenni’s new house for the tour (which is fantastic) and then over to Matt’s current apartment for dinner and the Gophers hockey game. We watched the game and then laughed so hard at the following, we had trouble breathing:

  1. Jim Gaffigan’s Hot Pocket bit (?hot pocket?) “Was there some guy in a marketing meeting, “Hey I have an idea how about we fill a pop tart full of nasty meat and cook it in a sleeve thing?”
  2. This exact World of Wireless commercial. WOUCH.
  3. We refilled an airplane bottle of vodka and watched as Cindi smelled it and then poured it in her Buddy’s Orange Soda, all the while thinking it was fancy Absolut Mandarin. The real vodka was in my glass of Ginger Ale, along with some peach schnapps.

When it was discovered I’d never scene Goonies, Matt found his free on-demand movies. We couldn’t decide between Kingpin, American Pimp, Ernest Goes to [Everything], and Gone in 60 Seconds. Luckily, Comcast is a giant piece of shit and none of them worked.

Hot pockets.

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