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In reading my favorite web hosting blog for the UK (yep, I admitted to that), I found out my current webhost has decided to join the ranks of companies everywhere and make the move to going green. They’ve recently started reducing the amount of paper that’s used, focusing more on recycling, and even just made a switch to move efficient servers. I like the thought of that even more considering I didn’t see one slight change in my hosting service since all of that took place.

I never thought I’d really want to read about the differences between cPanel (which is the only interface I’m even remotely familiar with) and newer programs that having coming out, like Ensim. But the thing is, if I’m ever going to get my yet-to-be-used domain name of tubesocksandasmile.com (yes, I own that) up and running, I should probably keep myself up to speed on things like that.

I always have these delusions of grandeur when it comes to websites and domain names and the brilliant ideas that I have in my head when it comes to them, but I always fail miserably when it comes to the execution of these ideas. I might just have to bite the bullet sometime in the near future and cut off some of these domains, which would mean I could invest in a cheaper hosting service or even a cheaper hosting plan, since Host Gator is all environmentally sound and all… hey, I like cheaper AND the environment!

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