some things are better in person

You know, I get the whole online poker thing. I was a fan of it for a while and then I realized that having it that easily accessible was not healthy for my psyche (getting angry at a person that’s sitting halfway around the world for making a stupid bet) and my bank account (getting vengeful after a while and wanting to beat someone no matter what). Although it was definitely fun while it lasted and made me realize how much I enjoyed playing poker. Just more in person than online.

I don’t really get the online casino option. Because for me, part of going to a casino – whether it be Mystic Lake just south of the Cities, the one just south of Des Moines that I used to stop at on my trips back and forth to Missouri before I got Riley, or any of the amazing places in Vegas (like the Pretty Pretty Princess Castle, for instance). If I want some full on casino action, then I definitely need it to include the people-watching aspect of it.

I guess for someone that doesn’t want to be bothered by people begging for money for a cab ride home (seriously – I’ve seen it happen) or the clouds of cigarette smoke or that beautiful sound of nickels hitting the metal when someone cashes out or wins, then online is probably the best casino-type option for them. Not me, though. I need to witness some trainwrecks taking place while I try to retire off of nickel slot machine winnings.

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