most official poll ever

It’s about 4:00PM and I’m not deciding it’s safe to eat something. There may have been some over-indulging a bit more in a lot of vodka and some completely ill-advised shots that are now proudly (or not so proudly) displayed on the curb outside our building. The General kept telling me that I hadn’t been fulfilling all of the stories my friends tell about me after drinking, but after last night, I’m pretty sure The General won’t be feeling left out after my display of puking, yelling, and slight domestic violence.


I just ordered pizza from Domino’s online, mainly because I’m obsessed with the pizza tracker (our food is in the oven right now, by the way, thanks to William putting it in there at 3:57PM). And after I ordered, I got to do a poll on the Presidential elections. I wanted you all to see today’s poll standings, when it comes to folks too lazy to make their own dinner:

Clearly if the election were to happen right now, Obama will be the clear winner. I’m tempted to order food from right now, just to see if they have the same results!

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