miramar beach? okay!

The past two nights, Jenni and I have been talking about our cruise next year. They were talking about going in February (which would be awesome), but I’ll be sitting kinda low on vacation and we’ll probably be moving either the month before or sometime right around that time period. And regardless of how much money I end up having in the bank or under a mattress, moving always costs about an arm, a leg, and half of some various vital organ, anyway, Jenni already started to contact the https://www.luggageforward.com/cruise-luggage-shipping/ services to see what the price range for our luggage would be.

Back to vacations… My parents and my aunt and uncle have both went on vacations where they ended up renting out someone else’s house for the duration of their stay. And at first, I think that was kinda creepy, knowing that people would be going through all of their belongings while wearing CSI gloves and making fun of all of my earthly possessions. But it seemed to work out either way for the people I know, so now it’s totally a viable option for me. You’re not staying somewhere that’s crowded with other vacationers, which is always a good thing.

This winter, at some point, I might be forced to take a long weekend just to visit somewhere I can find sun, sand, and some type of gigantic body of water. Maybe even somewhere I’ve never heard of like Miramar Beach or Clipper Cove. It’s hard not to love any place with the word beach or cove in their title.

Considering it’s mid-October and I’m already trying to find an excuse to take a vacation somewhere warm when winter hits, I think this might be an extremely long upcoming winter.

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