is it november 5th yet?

There shouldn’t be any doubt that I’m planning on voting for Obama/Biden in November. Not only would I never talk to myself again if I voted for a McCain/Dumbass ticket, but my grandpa would probably disown me. Most of the people in my department at work are of the same belief, except for our Admin. Great fantastic guy that I love dearly, except he’s a Republican (and also from Arizona, so he’s especially McCain-loyal).

Today, the person that works at the front desk got a phone call that with something like this:

Front Desk Person: “Blah blah blah. Can I help you?”
Person the Phone: “Hi, this is the Republican National Committee.”
Front Desk Phone (most certainly not a fan of any committee that starts with the word Republican): “Oh, really?”
Person the Phone: “Did you know Barack Obama is a terrorist?”
Front Desk Phone: “Thanks for calling” and that was the end of that call.

Now we all know it wasn’t Republican National Committee. They may be a bunch of crazies I don’t agree with, but I don’t think they’d stoop that low. And it just sucks that this election has turned into a situation where individuals (or small politically unsponsored groups) are taking it upon themselves to encourage the mudslinging and the namecalling.

I’m pretty much ready for this election to be over.

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